Galaxy queens: cargobay 4.

Jadzia dax in progress of being borgefied by 7 of 9.
Barbarella stranded in spandex and metal.
Barbarella in adapted catsuit with transparent belly plate.
Ornella Muti goes battle beyond the stars in flash.
Barbarella sits down in silver boots holding a zap gun.
Deanna troi in rubber.
Barbarella in tight silver body & boots.
Barbarella in a green bodysuit.
Claudia Christian vows to return to B5.
Voyagers Kess in black rubber turned into an android.
Deanna Troi sealed in latex turned into a Borg.
Barbarella reclyning in silver body & boots.
Dax is turned into a Borg by 7 of 9.

Cargobay 4 (old habits).

This part of the 4F website contains largely old to very old images. They where made in a time that I was still 'seeking', finding my way around what I could do with my skills and what tools would be best suitable for me.

The background for this image for example was made and textured in a 3D application called 'Strata studio Pro'.
Strata is mostly famous because it was used at the time for the game 'Myst' and 'Sinka'. I really tried to like Strata but I found it a nightmare to work with at the time.

I could have, maybe even should have archived these images but somehow I'm fond of them and the memories they do bring back.

Medium size ony.