Galaxy Queens: Borg queen Val.

Barbarella catsuit & camel toe.
Farrah Fawcet in sexy space lingerie.
Borg queen in shiny rubber.
Princess Leia protected by a chastity harness.
A Borg queen visits B5 in latex.
Female Vulcan in latex.
Barbarella in a new latex & plastic outfit.
Barbarella has new adventures.
A vulcan oversees the birth of a Borg Queen.
Voyager's 7 shows her new latex lingerie.
Barbarella sealed in a silver/white latex catsuit.
Barbarella reclyning in silver body, boots & nylon catsuit.
A Borg Queen in latex and all kinds of machinery.

Borg Queen Val.

Once I belonged to those crazy obout the Borg.

Did this for the fan site 'the borgcollective', that fell apart after some internal trouble behind the 3 main motors of the site. Or that is what I was told.
It's a pitty, they had put a *lot* of work into that place.

Anyway, if you may ever stroll along, thank you again for the year free subscription to the StarTrek magazine! Loved to do this. ^^

Low size only.